Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Chick Nests Recipe.

Easter is this weekend (long weekend woohoo!) and it's all about the sweet treats!

I used this Baking Mad recipe and altered it a little, swapping and adding my own ingredients, to make these super cute and yummy Easter Chick Nests:

I am awful at baking cakes - I always mess it up! I'm rubbish at timing, the amount of ingredients I use and when they rise and make a mess... I just can't! But these are NO Bake which is perfect for me and so so easy:

First of all I melted the chocolate in the microwave ('cus I'm lazy) then mashed up some shredded wheat and mixed it all together.

I then put the nests into some cupcake cases and made a 'hole' if you will to put in my chocolate icing sugar.
Next it was just a case of putting the chocolate chips and the little chick jellies onto the icing and waiting for them to set!

I loved making these they took no effort and no time at all and tasted delicious. You cannot mess these up!

Do you have an Easter treat recipes?


Monday, 14 April 2014

Instagram Magnets.

I love having physical copies of the photos I've taken. I recently picked up a Pentax SLR and am waiting on getting some film developed (while shooting more) before I share them with you. 

I think Instagram is a great way of sharing photos (you can follow mine HERE) but you only have them as a record on your phone. I was sent some Sticky9 magnets of my fave Instagram pics to put in my kitchen:

uk lifestyle blog
uk lifestyle blogger

They are pretty great, the quality is so high for a small square! Plus its free delivery. These are a great gift and keepsake, I recently changed phones and no images backed up so I lost all of Prince's Kitten pics so having one from the day I got him is so lush.

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lazy Oaf - NOW I love you!

I'm not normally a fan of 'wacky' looking prints and crazy clothing and always shyed away from Lazy Oaf as I wasn't into loud leggings and burger beanie hard. My feelings have changed since my most recent visit to their site and now I feel Lazy Oaf have changed quite a bit this S/S and toned it down//made prints that will suit even the timid people like myself.

Here are my fave picks from their site right now:

uk style blogger
You Prick Dress - £65
This is my perfect dress, loose fit, nice cut and Cacti allll over it! I think I would wear it to death.
Quay Charlie Pink Sunglasses - £25
These would look slamming with the above dress.
In the Roses Dress - £65
I love this, I don't think it comes with the under garments - if it did then it's the best dress ever! Sheer is so hard to pull off unless you are ultra skinny (which I'm most definitely not!).
Weird Tote - £8.50
Make Me Blush Dress - £65
I love the shape on this dress, the little collar and button down is so cute.

What do you think of Lazy Oaf? And how do you like these items?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Way of Wagamama.

Wagamamas do the BEST events. I've been to 2 other events at Wagagmamas and despite being a massive fan of theirs - this 3rd one has to be their best yet! 

A very tiny group of 6 of us were invited to come and meet with their Executive Chef Steve and taste expert Christy Fergusson (of Channel 4 fame!) while we discuss our eating habits and try branching out of our comfort zones and trying different dishes.
The reason why I say branching out as I'm sure any of you Wagaz regulars will know, most of us find our fave dish on the menu and stick with it - we go to Wagamamas to have THAT dish. I always get the Chicken Ramen (sometimes if I'm feeling crazy I'll go for the Chicken Katsu) and this event was set out to help me discover similar dishes on the menu.

It all kicked off with wine: 

The first dish Steve handed to me was the Chicken Itame. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to curry based food however this was way too fragrant for me and the chilies in it made it too spicy. But I do love soupy dishes with meat and veg!

Next up was the winner! Hitting the nail on the head by steering me away from noodles but still giving me a soupy, soy based dish was the Chicken Tama rice. I loved all the greens, the sticky rice and the soup that got soaked up into it - I will definitely be ordering this one!

Steve had one more trick up his sleeve, he decided to go off the menu and create a special dessert for us Cardiff ladies: Katsu Curry Ice Cream! 
It was crazy my brain was telling me this wasn't right - hot Katsu curry sauce over cool coconut ice cream BUT my mouth was loving it! I hope the experiment with this a bit more and get it out there for more people to try!

Since the introduction of the new placemats more people are trying new things which is awesome! The whole point of the campaign is to get people to steer away from their usual and to try something else. Some of the names are a bit wild and hard to say so with the placemats actually getting to see each ingredient in the dish is one great way of getting people to branch out.

Are you a Wagamama fan and do you stick to the same thing? I really recommend taking a closer look at the menu - don't forget everything is cooked FRESH so if there is one ingredient you want to swap it can be done! :)


Monday, 7 April 2014

Flower Baths - Lush vs. Miss. Patisserie.

I've been desperate to have a floral bath for such a while now, bathing surrounded by petals seems like a movie scene!

I went for a mini LUSH spree on pay-day and one of the fabulous Cardiff team showed me the new Easter Bubble Bar - Bunny! He was so cute I didn't want to squish him up for my bathtime however with promises of blue cornflowers inside I just had to jump in: 

best UK beauty bloggers
LUSH Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25
Little cutie!
top uk beauty blogs
welsh blogs

I was a little dissapointed by the cornflowers are they were more like twigs and a couple of flowers. The smell was delish and very sweet plus the bath water was pink and the bubbles lasted for my whole bath and left me feeling silky smooth.

After I had used my LUSH Bunny I was introduced to a local brand named Miss. Patisserie. I was sent one of their fizzy bath balls which also creates a flower-bath:

Top UK British Beauty Bloggers
Miss. Patisserie - Bunch of Roses £2.40*
floral baths
rose petal bath water

Unlike lush's cornflowers this fizzy bath ball had full-on rose petals and tiny cassis this created the perfect floral bath! The fragrance lasted for so long I could smell it through my flat all evening. The fizz was also alot bubblier than LUSH's Bunny however the bubbles last about 10mins before the water cleared.

Like LUSH, Miss. Patisserie have super strict Animal Cruelty views and wont use any manufacturer/supplier who tests on animal and are all handmade. Plus they are Cardiff born and bred which is amazing! (but you can buy their products all over the world!) Now I'm bursting to try some more of their bath fizzes like Tropical Flowers and Intergalactic.

I loved having full size petals in my bath I felt so fancy! Have you ever tried one?

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